About us

SuPa Natural envisions simplifying needs. Being an entrepreneurial team we love creativity. With our virtual CreativityMall artefy, we provide the access point to the cultural sector for information exchange, creative products and services as well as news or career opportunities. We envision supporting artists and musicians with talent so that the public can hear, see & feel new awesome music or innovative art.                                                           

Our mission is to create time for creativity by providing musicians and artists with financing & management options and stakeholders with a one-stop access point to the cultural sector. That way more time can be spent on creativity.  

Time for creativity is achieved,

  • by providing means to create synergies through information exchange,
  • by selling art or music hence offering a market,
  • by showing existing means to getting financing & management solutions,
  • by creating an offline active ambassador network,
  • and by providing an opportunity to express un-addressed needs. 
    With this time, better art and music should enter the market and can be seen or heard by the greater international public. 

SuPa Natural UG was registered in May 2012 by Pamela Ronai & Patrick Ronai with its company's headquarter in Riegel, Germany.

The idea to found the company was born in early 2010 when CEO Pamela felt it is "time for creativity" and that there is an urgent need to make a change to the art & music industry. More creativity and therefore innovation needs to reach the general public, hence the creativity industry & cultural sector have to become more visible & accessible.


Become a SuPa Partner!

Do you or your company share our mission and vision of simplifying needs? Do you find that through mutually beneficial strategies we can simplify the creative sector? Then become a SuPa Partner! Write us at info@artefy.com

We at SuPa Natural are enthusiastic, hard-working and open to innovative new business opportunities.