Our Product

artefy is a virtual CreativityMall at www.artefy.com where CreativityLovers and Creators meet to exchange information and buy or sell creative products. You can post and find creative events, offers, jobs, news and needs. By joining artefy, you are a first mover and become part of a creative community to foster and make creativity accessible to everyone: the youth, artists, companies/ agencies and yourself!  

The target market for artefy includes creative private individuals, businesses and anyone interested in the cultural-creativity sector and its industries.

The term ‘Creative Industries’ (CI’s) refers to those industries which have their origin in individual creativity and which have potential for wealth and job creation through the exploitation of intellectual property. This covers a wide range of activities including art, advertising, architecture, design, music, fashion, publishing, computer games and software development, the performing arts, film, TV and radio. DCMS (2010), Creative Industries Economic Estimates Statistical Bulletin (February 2010).